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—Rescued Dogs In New Homes 2023

California Miniature Schnauzer Rescue re-homed about 17 Miniature Schnauzers and other dogs during 2022.

In addition, CMSR helped pull, transport and/or vet many large dogs for out of town rescues. Most of these were dogs who were about to be euthanized if the out of town rescues had not agreed to take them. CMSR also helped fund the expenses for some Schnauzers that were rescued by other rescues, whose expenses the rescues could not have afforded without CMSR's help.

We thank our volunteers, our fosters, our donors, and our partner rescue groups. Without their wonderful help, many of those dogs would have died instead of enjoying their lives in great new homes.

1 Dog Adopted in 2023

Rescue Terrier Mix Brian

Photo of Rescue Terrier Mix Brian Photo of Rescue Terrier Mix Brian

Brian is an about 3 year old charcoal color mixed breed male terrier. He weighs about 25 lbs.

We rescued Brian from the L.A. County shelter in Carson with a fractured pelvis. Fortunately, Brian did not need surgery. He did need about 6 weeks of cage rest while he heals. He should be ready for adoption around March 1, 2023.

Brian is a quiet, pleasant dog. He gets along with small dogs and enjoys people he knows. He is a bit hesitant with people he doesn't know, especially men, but warms up to them after a few minutes. He is not a barker.

Brian appears to be in good health. He is microchipped, and current on vaccinations. He will be neutered before placement.

Brian was adopted on March 2, 2023, by adopters in Long Beach, CA, who were found by our friends at 4 Paws Kiddo Rescue. They have a white female dog who looks similar to Brian and is enjoying Brian as a new companion.

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