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Schnauzer Rescue

Donations to the CMSR Rescue Fund have been made on behalf of the dogs discussed and pictured below.

When Katherine Kinglsey and her family decided to adopt Terry, one of our rescue dogs, in September 2010, Katherine generously made a donation to our Rescue Fund.

We have started this Tribute page in Hardy's honor. We will honor dogs or people (or even other animals!) whose friends wish to recognize them by making a donation to help meet CMSR's goal of rescuing as many needy Schnauzers as we can.


Photo of LexiPhoto of Lexi

The Williams family had Lexi, a Miniature Schnauzer, and Rocky, a rescue terrier mix. Sadly, Lexi was attacked by a swarm of bees in the summer of 2016. She was rushed to Emergency, but the vets were unable to save her as she had been stung too many times.

The Williams family then adopted Elsa from us so that Rocky would again have a companion. Elsa proved to have many of the same traits that Lexi did. The Williamses fell in love with Elsa immediately, as did Rocky. No-one can replace Lexi, but Elsa loves her new family and is doing her best to make them glad they found her.

About a month after adopting Elsa, the Williams family made a very generous donation to CMSR in Lexi’s memory. Their donation will help CMSR carry on its work of rescuing Schnauzers in need. We thank them very much for their generosity.


Photo of Rescue Dog Valerie

Valerie is a very sweet purebred black Miniature Schnauzer who is about 3 years old. We rescued Valerie from the Bakersfield shelter on August 7, 2012.

Valerie had some open sores and was limping when we got her. She started to heal up and then developed bloody diarrhea. A barium scan revealed that part of her intestine had come forward from her abdomen into her chest cavity, almost certainly the result of having been hit by a car. We were told that Valerie needed surgery, and that it will have to be done by a specialist. Valerie's medical expenses came to almost $3,000. The sugery went well and Valerie seems to have made a full recovery.

The Foundation that helped with Barry's, Nick's, and Molly's expenses very kindly helped with Valerie's expenses as well.

Thanks to the kind people who sent donations to help Valerie:

Sally Cicchetti April Stearns Perla Chiaffitella
Elsie Borrero Marcy Snyder Montana Gates Kimberly Umbour Hamilton
Susan Stanley Ramona Dahl Irene Suico Soriano
Patty Tusay Sheryl L. Morris Jerri Miller
Gail & Mark Mercer Susan York  


Photo of Rescue Dog Molly

Molly is a very sweet, purebred female Miniature Schnauzer who is about one year old. A family in Stockton found Molly and asked us to take her.

Molly's tibia (the lower leg bone) was broken in two places. The needed surgery involved putting in a plate and pins to repair the break. The surgery went well and Molly has made a full recovery.

The cost of Molly's surgery and follow-up care was just under $2,500.

The Foundation that helped with Barry's, Nick's, and Valerie's expenses very kindly helped with Molly's expenses as well

Thanks to the kind people who donated to help Molly:

April Stearns Susan Stanley Perla Chiaffitella
Samantha J Haas Patty Tusay Jerri Miller
Michael Krieg Susan Murphy Ignacio Gomez
Alexandra Jaffe Jessica Schell Susan York
Hayley Osher Jonathan Levinson David McCargar
Jane Robb Suzanne Jennings  


Photo of Rescue Dog Barry Photo of Rescue Dog Barry

We rescued Barry from the Kern County shelter. His leg was broken. We had Barry's leg repaired and had him neuthered at the same time. Barry's surgeon, Dr. Balfour, says Barry's leg has healed well.

Barry was adopted on September 8, 2012, by a gentleman in San Jose who also adopted Rosie, another of our rescues.

The Foundation that helped with Nick's, Molly's, and Valerie's expenses very kindly helped with Barry's expenses as well

Thanks to the kind people who sent donations to help Barry:

Kathryn Frye April Stearns Perla Chiaffiella
Irene Soriano Brightman Theresa Wilkerson Deborah “Sparky” Fine
Joanne Cavorley Abdullah Jerri Miller Walter Taylor
Lynn Best Elizabeth Guneratne Cindy Burchell
Jody Vanda Bob and Sandy Dennis  

Alexander the GREAT PUPPY

Photo of Rescue Dog Alexander Photo of Rescue Dog Alexander

In early August, a veterinarian asked us to rescue an 8-week puppy who had been surrendered to her because he had parvovirus.

We said yes, because parvo dogs go on to live normal, healthy lives

Alexander made a fully recovery and became a very happy and a very smart puppy. He was adopted by a family in Kensington on September 14, 2012.

Thanks to the kind people who sent donations to help Alexander:

Barbara Faye Mansfield Perla Chiaffitella Michael Krieg
Marcy Snyder Montana Gates Shafali Lambsblood Ann Sehorn
Susan Stanley Mike Mulanax Joy Cooper Willett
Samantha Haas Jenny Costa Joellyn Mabery Mumcian
Sheila Wight Alex Hayes Erica Cabanel-Meyer
Virginie Haudrechy Sally Cicchetti Charmaine Day
Lisa Doyle Dine Dahlstrom Lisa Garrett Klop
Susan York Lisa Ely Naded Santos
William Schmid Sigga McLean Francois Depayras
Suzie Grant Laurie Gibson Sandy Haskins
Dean & Patty Wolfe Sagrario Martinez Phillip Fouts and Jim Hernandez
Casey Crebassa & Jaymme Lombardo Gail & Mark Mercer  


Photo of Rescue Dog Nick

Nick is a really cute Norfolk Terrier with a personality to match. The shelter estimated is age at 3 but we think he is about 2.

Sadly, Nick had been hit by a car and the upper part of his leg was shattered. Nick had surgery to repair his leg on January 26, 2012. Nick's surgery, with follow up x-rays, cost about $3,500. Nick is definitely worth it!

Nick went in for his final x-ray and check on March 15, 2012. Here is the report:

“Nick is doing very well on his right hind leg. Under sedation, x-rays showed the fracture to be healing nicely and the implants to be stable. Therefore, you may now gradually increase activity to a normal level over the next 4–6 weeks.”

The Foundation that helped with Barry's, Valerie's, and Molly's expenses very kindly helped with Nick's expenses as well

Thanks to the kind people who sent donations to help Nick:

Tricia Schlosser The Blue Room for Women Maria Anastasi
Marsha Umbour Penny Sprague Jacqueline Smith
Shafali Lambsblood Suzanne Jennings Patricia Gregoire
Jerri Miller Brenda Ponce Jan Silverman
Holly Kane Samantha Haas Kathleen Doan
Kernon & Melanie Machado Gail & Mark Mercer Barbara & Richard Davis


Photo of Rescue Dog Gary

Gary is a super-cute purebred black Miniature Schnauzer. We rescued Gary from the Los Angeles South shelter on September 8, 2011, when he was 5 months old. Both of his femurs (upper leg bones) were fractured at the neck and he was in a lot of pain.

We took Gary straight from the shelter to an orthopedic surgeon to get his legs fixed—but the surgery fees were about $2,250—and soon after surgery he incurred another $130 in vet bills for a skin condition. We asked for help with Gary's expenses and many kind people responded.

We are happy to report that Gary has healed well from the surgery. He is now running and playing. His skin problems have also cleared up.

Thanks to the kind people who sent donations to help Gary:

Michel and Jan Aubrey Betty Hayman Bill and Cheryl Workman
Miniature Schnauzers & Friends Rescue
Malea McGuiness,
in memory of Fritz
John and Doreen Lynch,
in memory of Riley
Phillip Fouts and Jim Hernandez Rhona Bader Sandra Colombini
Martin and Nancy King Dianne Smith Kristen and Steven Bodie
Jacquie Williams    


Photo of Rescue Dog Hardy

The Kingsley family brought Hardy home on September 10, 2001. Hardy was undisciplined at first. He would pull hard on his leash and bolt out the door if the opportunity arose. Hardy, though, proved to be a quick learn at obedience classes, learned to do tricks, and eventually became a therapy dog, leading Katherine to form a therapy dog group called Shared Canine Companions.

Tragically, on June 14, 2010, at around 1:15 p.m., Hardy was attacked by a Pit Bull while walking on the neighborhood sidewalk with owner, Katherine. Katherine tried her best to save him, but was unable to do so.

Hardy is sadly missed by his family. A new dog never replaces an old one, but hopefully our rescue, Terry, will fill in for Hardy, bringing new love and companionship to Hardy's beloved family.

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