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Links To Sources Of Useful and Reliable Canine Information

Miniature Schnauzer Clubs

American Miniature Schnauzer Club AMSC Logo
Regional U.S. Miniature Schnauzer Clubs
(Page on AMSC web site)
Miniature Schnauzer Club of Northern California MSCNC Logo
Miniature Schnauzer Club of Southern California MSCSC Logo
Miniature Schnauzer Club of Canada MSC of Canada Logo


American Kennel Club

American Kennel Club AKC Logo
American Kennel Club
Canine Health Foundation
CHF Logo


Veterinary Information

American Veterinary Medicine Association AVMA Logo
Colleges of Veterinary Medicine
(Page on AVMA web site with links
to U.S. and Canadian veterinary colleges)
Veterinary Opthalmologists
in the U.S. and Canada

(Page on ACVO site.)


Important Canine Health Research Projects

Canine Genome Project DNA Stick Logo

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