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Rescue Schnauzer Mitzi

Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Mitzi Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Mitzi

Hi, my name is Mitzi the Mini! I was rescued from a puppy mill in China while pregnant. I delivered my 5 pups after I was rescued. A month later, I was transported to the USA with one of my rescue mates in search of loving homes.

I was emaciated when I arrived in California, but I am bulking up quickly.

I may have a cataract in my right eye (probably due to malnutrition), but I don’t let it stop me. I run around like a banshee anyway. I love to play and wrestle with the other dogs at my foster home, but mostly we love to snuggle together. I am a very confident and loving little gal. I want love, kisses and attention from everyone. If I’m not getting enough attention, I’ll paw gently at you to let you know. I’m very aware of what’s going on in and outside the house and I like to let everyone know if something strange is going on. My barker is broken though and my bark sounds like a hoarse whisper instead of a loud bark.

I like walking on a leash to the park where I like to sniff and prance around. I even do well off-leash at the park and I come back quickly when called. My paws are very sensitive outside because I’ve lived most of my life in a rabbit cage, but once my feet toughen up, I should be fine. I am working on my potty-training. I go to the backdoor when I need to “go” about 95% of the time.

I have stolen the hearts of everyone in my foster home, but as much as they’d love to keep me, they can’t keep all the homeless Schnauzers. My 5 puppies (2 Males and 3 Females – all Black/Tan) are looking for homes in the U.S. as are two more Salt/Pepper rescue mates. I would love to be adopted along with one of my mates, if possible. If not, I would prefer to be adopted into a home with another dog because I’ve lived my whole life with other dogs and would be sad without a pal.

My adoption fee is $500 to cover the costs of my care in China, including vet fees, and the costs of my transportation to the U.S. My foster needs to recover at least part of what she has spent on me in order to help cover the costs of bringing one or more of my puppies to the U.S.

I am spayed and I am current on vaccinations. I've received a full health check and I was treated for an ear infection.

Mitzi is being fostered in the Fairfield area. If you would like to adopt Mitzi, please contact Erin Easter at or at (925) 639-6565, with any questions about Mitzi.

This is a courtesy listing for Erin Easter. CMSR has not seen or evaluated Mitzi.

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