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We do not adopt dogs or puppies for use as service or emotional support animals.

The adoption application form for dogs in northern California (unless otherwise stated for a particular dog) is at

Miniature Schnauzers from China:

There have been few Miniature Schnauzers in California shelters needing rescue since the beginning of COVID-19 in about March 2020. Since then, we have joined other rescue groups (who are rescuing other breeds) to rescue Miniature Schnauzers from China. We have rescued 22 so far. All but one have been adopted. Annie, the only one still available is listed below.

The last 4 arrived in March 2021. Two were 7 month old female littermate puppies. Two were blind. One couple adopted the sister puppies, so they were able to keep them together. Another very kind couple, who also have an older Schnauzer, adopted the two blind dogs who are doing very well in their new home.

We don't yet know exactly when the next batch will be coming, but we think it will likely be towards the end of May 2021.

WE DESPERATELY NEED DONATIONS TO PAY FOR THE COST OF RESCUING THE CHINESE SCHNAUZERS. The air fare alone for the first 18 cost about $2200 per Schnauzer. Vet bills in China, cargo agent fees, and various other taxes and fees, added another roughly $300 per Schnauzer, for a total cost of $2500—PLUS the expenses we had for them after arrival. The landed cost for the last 4 was about $2000 each because the airfare came down somewhat.

crates lined up in park after arrival at LAX

Here is a photo of some of the 15 crates lined up on 10/14/2020 after we unloaded them from our SUV and another rescue's van. We took the dogs to a park near LAX where we could get them out of the crates, potty them, feed and water them, put clean bedding in their crates, and then load them back on the vehicles for their ground trip to their foster homes. Some of the dogs arrived at night, making it even more diffiult to get them cleaned up.

Chinese Rescue Schnauzer Annie

Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Annie Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Annie

Annie is a 5 year old salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail. She weighs about 14 lbs. We rescued Annie with several other Miniature Schnauzers from China in October 2020.

Annie is super friendly and relaxed with other dogs. However, it might take her a few days to trust people in her new home. Annie is timid with new people and can be reactive until she feels comfortable with new people she meets. The ideal home for Annie is an all adult, active family with one or two other friendly dogs. Annie's new family must be willing to be patient and work with her fears until she feels confident and safe.

Annie LOVES to go out for a walk, and she is used to 2 walks a day. She can easily walk a mile and can trot most of the way.

Once Annie gets settled in, she enjoys being petted and likes to cuddle up on her owner's lap. She still needs more socialization to build up her confidence with new people.

Annie appears to be in good health. She is spayed, micro-chipped and up to date on vaccinations. She tested negative for heartworm. Her foster is working on house training and she is making progress. Her new family must be willing to work on house training. Her foster family is working to teach her to go and out of the dog door.

Annie is being fostered in Oakdale. Please submit a completed Adoption Application form if you'd like to adopt Annie. Contact Mary Alford at if you have any questions about Annie.

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