California Miniature
Schnauzer Rescue
—Rescued Dogs In New Homes
2010 and before

MSCNC Rescue /California Miniature Schnauzer Rescue re-homed more than 100 Miniature Schnauzers during 2010 and many Schnauzer mixes as well. Below are some of the dogs we placed in 2010 and before.


Photo of Rescue Dog Jasper

Jasper is a friendly 4-year-old purebred male Miniature Schnauzer who was given up by a loving owner who lost his job, must relocate, and sadly could not take Jasper with him. This dignified, handsome salt and pepper boy had unusually good care before coming into rescue. He is fully up-to-date on all shots, neutered, and has gorgeous white teeth—the result of his previous owner using a sonic toothbrush regularly. Jasper is tall, leggy, and very slender, weighing 21 lbs.

Jasper’s foster home tells us that he received obedience training and knows his sit, down, and come commands. (He is getting a refresher course in “stay.”) He is very good with other dogs, loves people, and is housebroken. He has not yet been tested with children.

Jasper sometimes is startled at new noises and squeaks instead of barking (well, nobody’s perfect). He was used to being left alone much of the day while his owner worked, but would clearly enjoy another dog’s companionship or more face time with new owners.

Jasper went to his new home in Sacramento on December 18, 2010.


Photo of Rescue Dog Niko

Niko is a purebred neutered male Miniature Schnauzer. Niko is 4 years old and healthy. Unlike most of the Schnauzers who come into our rescue, we know Niko's background because he was bred by an MSCNC member in northern California. That member was planning to show Niko but sold him as a pet because he matured 1/4 inch shorter than is optimum for a show dog.

Niko's owner surrendered Niko (and a female Schnauzer, Bindi, who has been adopted) because she was unable to spend enough time with them.

Niko is extremely mellow, somewhat lazy...isn't too active. He also loves food, and is a bit on the chunky side right now.

Niko was adopted in mid-December 2010 by a couple in Morgan Hill who were prior Schnauzer owners.


Photo of Rescue Dog Pepper (Peppi)

Peppi is a five year old female salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer. She was surrendered on October 27, 2010, by the family of her owner, a teenager. The teenage owner lost interest in Peppi during her senior year in high school and then left for college, leaving Peppi with her father. Poor Peppi has lived a relatively solitary life in the garage for the past two years.

Peppi is a playful, lively dog who adapted easily in her new foster home. Peppi did not have any accidents in the home, loves being outdoors in the back yard, and does her business on walks.

Peppi knows commands like sit, stay, down, is very intelligent and learns new commands easily. Peppi is not vocal or yappy. Peppi has a good appetite, but does not beg for food when her foster mom is snacking. She is a quiet sleeper. Peppi loves rawhide chews and dog toys, but has not chewed on anything else in the house. In short, she gets an A for behavior.

Peppi loves to play fetch the ball and gets along well with the other dogs in the foster home. She is sweet-natured and a great companion dog. Thanks to our expert club groomer Judy Sousa for making this girl look like the pretty Schnauzer she is.

Peppi went to a great new home in the Sacramento area the day after Thanksgiving 2010.


Photo of Rescue Dog Cole

Cole is a purebred male salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer, who is so light in color that he looks white in the photograph. Cole is about 6 years old, playful and very friendly. He is lively and in good health. Cole is neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations.

Another rescue group got Cole out of the Long Beach shelter, had him neutered and brought up to date on vaccinations. We arranged to have Cole fostered by Carol Hansen of Miniature Schnauzer Club of Southern California rescue.

We worked closely with the Miniature Schnauzer Club of Southern California, trying to find the best possible home for Cole. Ultimately, the Miniature Schnauzer Club of Southern California found some great adopters for Cole and he went to his new home in Monterey Park on November 21, 2010.


Photo of Rescue Dog Sampson at 8 weeks

Bella is a black Miniature Schnauzer, probably between 1 and 2 years old, who was found running loose in a field near Yuba City. Bella is super-affectionate, but was a little wild when we first got her. She has calmed down quite a bit during the short time she has been in a foster home. She's also smart. In that short time, she has become 3/4 housebroken.

Bella's foster mom says that“I have seen her interact with cats, dogs, older children and adults. She just craves love. She does jump up and lick your face to death.”

Bella learned quickly how to walk on a leash, just watching the other dog in the foster home. However, as quick a learner as Bella is, she clearly will require some training in her new home—pretty usual for so young a dog.

Bella went to her new home with a retired nurse in the Sacramento area on November 20, 2010.

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Photo of Rescue Dog Pepper

Pepper was found abandoned in Suisun City about 4 months ago.  The lady who found her kindly fostered Pepper but was unable to keep Pepper.

Pepper is a mellow 8-9 year old female. She is healthy and current on her vaccinations. She is house-trained—she had not a single accident in her foster home.

Pepper gets along with kids and other dogs. Her foster mom said that Pepper is not a barker and is “the perfect dog.” Her foster Mom would have loved to have kept Pepper, but her Husky does not like small dogs.

Pepper went to a new home in Castro Valley on November 14, just in time for Thanksgiving.


Photo of Rescue Dog Lacy

Lacy was rescued from the Placer SPCA in Roseville. Lacy was surrendered by an owner who left her alone most of the day and night and did not have time for her.

In spite of her recent neglect, this sweetheart purebred Schnauzer is outgoing and affectionate, well-mannered, good with other dogs, and calm and unflappable around kids. Lacy has uncropped ears and a cute feathery “natural” tail that she wags a lot. She has not had any accidents in her foster home. She also knows the sit and down commands, and comes when called. Lacy is about five years old, and it’s apparent from her friendly, well-socialized behavior that she had a good home earlier in her life and probably lived with a family and kids.

Lacy went to a great new home in Sacramento on November 10 where she will enjoy the companionship of a handsome 8-year-old schnauzer, Shadow, lots of walks, and fun times at dog day care.


Photo of Rescue Dog Libby and friend Flapjack

Libby, a purebred Miniature Schnauzer, has a new lease on life at 8 years of age.

Libby was discovered abandoned at a Bakersfield school and taken to the Kern County shelter. Libby was then transported to Kingsburg by a cooperating rescue group where she was picked up by Mary Alford and Betsie Corwin, MSCNC Rescue members. This darling girl was suffering from pneumonia, a collapsed lung, and badly neglected teeth. A wonderful Sonora veterinarian spent considerable time for a very small charge helping to get Libby back on on all four paws. Thanks to his efforts as well as the love and care of her foster mom, Karen, Libby has made a remarkable recovery.

As you can see from the picture taken with her playmate, Flapjack, at her foster home, Libby enjoys the company of other small dogs.

Libby was adopted by a retired couple and went to her new home in Pelican Bay, near Sacramento, on November 6, 2010.


Photo of Rescue Dog Mickey

Mickey is a neutered male, purebred salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer. The shelter estimated that Mickey is about 5 years old, but he acts younger.

Mickey weighs about 26 pounds. He is healthy, he is extremely friendly and outgoing. He likes children and other dogs, but not cats.

Mickey is very energetic and boisterous. He'll need a bit of obedience training.

Mickey was fostered in Palmdale by Joyce Nagel and went to a new home near San Diego in early November. His new family includes two boys who adore Mickey and give him plenty of exercise.


Photo of Rescue Dog Dustin

Dustin is a handsome black and silver neutered male Miniature Schnauzer who will celebrate his 10th birthday on October 19th. Dustin was found as a stray and held at the Merced Animal Shelter for a month while the staff tried unsuccessfully to locate his family. Dustin was on death row at the shelter when MSCNC took him in.

Dustin is neutered and had some dental cleaning and extractions. He has also been dewormed, and was given his rabies vaccination, DHPP and Bordatella vaccinations.

Dustin doesn't seem interested in chasing a ball or toys, but he does like to go for rides in the car and for walks. Dustin has a nice polite manner around new people. He visited a local Care Center where he loved getting petting by the older folks and didn't mind wheelchairs or noise from oxygen machines. He has great potential as a therapy dog.

Dustin went to a great new home on October 23, 2010, where he joins a female Shih Tzu/Yorkie named Callie.


Photo of Rescue Dog Jacob

Jacob is not a purebred Miniature Schnauzer, but he is part Schnauzer and all cute. He looks even cuter now that master Groomer Joyce Nagel has him groomed. (This photo was taken just after we got him out of the Los Angeles North Central shelter on August 22, 2010.)

Jacob has natural ears and a natural tail. We think he is about one year old.

Jacob had an abscess on his abdomen that resulted from being bitten by another dog at the shelter. We had the abscess treated and Jacob was then neutered after the wound healed. Jacob is microchipped and up-to-date on vaccinations.

Jacob is friendly, outgoing and playful. There may be someone Jacob doesn't like. If so, Jacob hasn't met that person yet.

Jacob went to a new home on October 15, 2010, with a family in Whittier, where he will join some tropical fish.


Photo of Rescue Dog Carley

Ollie is a 2-year old male Miniature Schnauzer, who was adopted so quickly that we did not have time to list him on the website as available for adoption.

Ollie was an owner surrender by a family who had acquired him when Ollie was a puppy. They had to place him because Ollie was not good around toddlers and Grandma, who lives with the family baby sits young children.

Ollie was ready to go—neutered, microchipped, and current on all vaccinations. And go he did. Ollie was adopted by a family in Brentwood, California. The lucky day of 10/10/10 definitely proved to be Ollie's lucky day!


Photo of Rescue Dog Carley

Carly is a sweet, young purebred Miniature Schnauzer, who was rescued from the Long Beach shelter.

The SPCA-LA was going to take Carly—until they learned that she had a badly broken leg and crushed foot. SPCA-LA then returned Carly to Long Beach Animal Care Services to be put down. AMRT (Animal Match Rescue Team, a rescue organization that works closely with the Long Beach shelter) couldn't stand by and let that happen, so they took her into their rescue program. After receiving veterinary advice that Carly's leg was too badly broken to fix, AMRT had the leg amputated.

Having 3 legs hasn't slowed Carly down one bit! She is extremely sweet, housebroken, knows how to use the doggy door, and gets along well with her doggy foster sister and brothers. When she gets the chance, Carly also likes to do power lap sitting.

On October 11, 2010, Carly was adopted by a San Francisco physician who found Carly through MSCNC Rescue. We are thrilled to have helped AMRT find a great home for her.

Pepi and Gideon

Photo of Rescue Dogs Pepi and Gideon

Pepi (6 years) and Gideon (13) had a happy, loving home in Northern California until recently, when one of their owners developed a serious health condition that required giving them up. It was a wrenching decision for the family, who adored both boys. They were in fostering for a week in different homes in Sunnyvale and San Jose.

Both boys earned an A+ in their foster homes for good behavior. Gideon was the biggest surprise. He had never had much exposure to small children, but earned raves from his foster family and their three small boys for extremely kid-friendly behavior. Neither boy made a mistake in his foster home.

And then a miracle happened: Heather, a kind-hearted woman in Chico with a 7-year old son, Jordan, read their descriptions on our web site and decided to offer both boys a home. We weren’t sure how Pepi would react to Jordan—Pepi had previously been timid around kids—but a few minutes after they drove up to our meeting place at a dog park, it was clear that a great boy-dog story was in the works, as our photo shows. And, Gideon has gained two wonderful back-scratchers and admirers.

Gideon and Pepi were adopted on October 10, 2010. In addition to their loving new home, they will enjoy occasional camping and hikes, lots of exercise, and visits to a dog salon and spa in Chico.


Photo of Rescue Dog Steve

Steve is a handsome, neutered purebred, male, salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer. He came from the Los Angeles East Valley shelter, where they had listed Steve as a Schnauzer mix. We were pretty sure, though, that under the overgrown matted hair was a gorgeous purebred Schnauzer—and were we ever right!

We estimate that Steve is 7 to 8 years old. He is lively and appears to be in good health. Steve is super-friendly with people and with other dogs. We haven't had him around cats or small children, but so far we haven't found anyone or anything that Steve does not regard as a new friend.

Steve was adopted and went to his new home in Poway on October 9, 2010. Now renamed Winston, he joins a 12 year old female Miniature Schnauzer named Chrissy.

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Photo of Rescue Dog Shanti

Shanti is a 1-year-old purebred salt-and-pepper male Miniature Schnauzer with cropped ears and docked tail.

Shanti lived in an apartment in San Francisco which did not allow pets, and his owners had to give him up when the landlady discovered he was there.

Shanti was adopted on August 29, 2010 by a wonderful family in Novato who had 2 other Schnauzers, ages 6 and 13, to keep him company. Sadly, about a month later, his adopter developed medical problems that precluded her from keeping Shanti.

Shanti is now in a new foster home. His foster mom says Shanti has not had any accidents in their home, loves outdoor walks, does his business on the walks, doesn't tug on leash, stays on the sidewalk, and takes orders about stopping and starting. She adds that Shanti is not overly vocal or yappy—he just barks for the first minute or so when a stranger first first comes into the house. Shanti has a good appetite, but does not beg for food when his foster mom is snacking. He is a quiet sleeper, and does not roam at night. He loves rawhide chews, and has not chewed on anything else in the house. In short, he gets an A for behavior. He is sweet-natured and a companion dog. Shanti loves to play and he also gets along well with other dogs.

Things went so well in his new foster home that his foster Mom decided to adopt Shanti.


Photo of Rescue Dog Bentley

We rescued Bentley from the Bakersfield shelter where he was scheduled for euthanasia if not taken by a rescue group. He was a stinky mess when we got him. After a thorough bathing job and some skilled grooming, Bentley turned into the gorgeous Schnauzer in the photo! Unchanged, though, is how sweet a dog Bentley is. He's just a lot nicer to have around now that he doesn't smell bad any more.

The shelter estimated Bentley's age at about 3, which seems about right. Bentley is not a big guy, only about 12 1/2 or 13" high, and maybe 15 pounds. He is, however, a GREAT dog. He hasn't marked in his foster home, he seems to know "sit, and he behaved fantastically while being groomed, even though getting groomed is not very comfortable when a dog is as matted as Bentley was. In fact, his foster mom was heard to say: "I wish my own dogs behaved as well when they are being groomed." Bentley was also a good boy around his foster mom's horses.

After being neutered, Bentley went to his new home on September 25, 2010.

Andy (formerly Toby)

Photo of Rescue Dog Toby

Andy is a purebred white Miniature Schnauzer. He was born 12/25/2001, which makes him 8 1/2 years old. Andy is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations, though he will need to be revaccinated against rabies by the end of the year.

Andy has a laid back personality. He is friendly with people, and likes kids and other dogs.

We got several inquiries about Andy but his foster mom decided she could not part with him. Being a solo dog was a change for Andy, but he adopted quickly, especially when he learned that he gets a lot more personal attention than he did before and that he gets to go for a nice long walk almost every day.

This is a nice new photo of Andy, right after his first bath in his new home in the Sacramento area.


Photo of Rescue Dog Jake

Jake is a purebred black Miniature Schnauzer. He was born on 5/23/2006, and thus is 4 years old. Jake loves everyone and wants to play, play, play. He likes children and other dogs, having grown up with Andy/Toby, above.

Jake is neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

Jake and Andy were living in Folsom with their former owner, who was devastated that she had to give them up because of family circumstances.

Jake was adopted and went to live with his new family in Danville on September 20, 2010, where he joins 2 kids and a Labrador Retriever.

Bug Bug

Photo of Rescue Dog Bug Bug

Lovebug, or Bug Bug as she's affectionately known, was living in a garage with her family in Lodi when she was rescued by an MSCNC member. She is no more than 3 years of age but had already been bred multiple times. This little sweetie had dental problems along with bladder stones and a urinary tract infection. After a few days at the veterinary clinic where she had dental work done along with spaying and stone removal, Bug Bug joined her foster family in Sonora.

Bug Bug is an easy going girl that loves to go for walks in the neighborhood as well as cuddling in her owner's lap. In fact, Bug Bug follows her person around the house as though connected by a leash.

Bug Bug's foster family fell in love with her and decided to adopt her.


Photo of Rescue Dog Terry

Terry is an almost white, very light salt and pepper, pure-bred female Miniature Schnauzer. Terry is about 1 1/2 years old. Terry has natural ears and a cropped tail.

Terry is an "easy keeper." She loves people and other dogs.

We received Terry on August 18, 2010. We had her spayed and got her current on vaccinations.

It did not take long to place her once Terry was ready to go to a new home. She was adopted on September 12, 2010.


Photo of Rescue Dog Sugar

Sugar is well-named, because she is a super-sweet Schnauzer. Sugar was lucky enough to have a wonderful owner for most of her life. Sadly, now that Sugar is in the twilight of her life, Sugar needs a new home because her owner is suffering from terminal cancer. Even then, her owner made sure that Sugar would be safe before the owner became incapacitated.

Sugar is housebroken, spayed, and a delight to have around. Sugar enjoys going on walks, and cuddling with her owner. Sugar's foster Mom says that Sugar is affectionate and energetic, but prefers a quieter lifestyle than that of her foster Mom, who is an avid hiker and loves to travel in her spare time.

Sugar was fostered by a wonderful lady who had nursed her prior Schnauzer, Lucy, through many difficult illnesses until Lucy died earlier this year. She took wonderful care of Sugar until Sugar was adopted on September 12, 2010.


Photo of Rescue Dog Fritz Photo of Rescue Dog Fritz

Fritz is a neutered, purebred black Miniature Schnauzer. He's about 3 years old.

Fritz was found wandering in the Franklin/Fruitvale area about a year ago. The man who found Fritz tried unsuccessfully to locate Fritz's owner. Fritz is microchipped, but the registered information led only to a disconnected phone number. The man then placed with a couple, but the husband doesn't like small dogs and relegated poor Fritz to the back yard. The man who found Fritz then placed Fritz with a lady who does dog sitting and who asked us to help find a great permanent home for Fritz.

Fritz doesn't look like your typical Schnauzer right now because his beard and leg hair have been shaved off, but we guarantee he'll be beautiful when his hair grows back in and he's properly groomed—actually, he look's great now, even if he doesn't look like a typical Schnauzer.

Fritz is very affectionate and well mannered. He doesn't jump up and he is not a barker. Fritz likes other dogs, and we're told his good with children. Fritz is clean and understands how to use a dog door.

Fritz went to a new permanent home on September 12, 2010. Here he is pictured with his happy new adopter.

Elmo and Smoochie

Photo of Rescue Dogs Elmo and Smoochie

Elmo (front) is a 5 year old purebred, male, salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer. Elmo is a sweet heart. He loves to be petted and to sit by his people. Elmo is very well behaved and even tempered.

Smoochie, Elmo's littermate, is a 5 year old, black, female, purebred Miniature Schnauzer. Like Elmo, Smoochie is well behaved dog. She loves to be petted also and will try to get more attention then Elmo.

Both Elmo and Smoochie are great with children and adults. They are up to date on all their shots and have just been groomed. Both have cropped ears and docked tails.

Elmo and Smoochie's present owner had to give them up because their new landlord wouldn't allow her to keep the dogs. She wanted very much to find a home for them together as they grew up with each other and staying together would ease the transition to a new home.

We're pleased to report that Elmo and Smoochie went to a new in Sacramento on September 3, 2010, after their adopter saw them on this website.

Elmo and Smoochie are doing well in their new home.


Photo of Rescue Dog Bella

Bella is a purebred, 2 year old, black Miniature Schnauzer. Bella is current on all of her vaccinations, and comes with her "papers." Bella has natural ears, a docked tail, and dew claws removed.

Bella is completely potty-trained, with and without a "doggy door." She gets along well with children and other pets, and has excellent "manners."  She is a good-natured, sweet, little dog.

We had Bella spayed and checked out by a vet before we placed her.

Bella went to her new home in San Jose on August 29, 2010.

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Photo of Rescue Dog Scottie

His name is Scottie, but he's no Scottie. He is Miniature Schnauzer through and through.

Scottie is a 7 year old neutered male, who acts younger than he is. He is light salt & pepper in color. Scottie is very laid back and very lovable.

Scottie's owner had him since Scottie was a puppy but she moved to a care facility and can no longer care for Scottie. He is used to having children visit, but is not used to have children is the household. Scottie likes other dogs.

Scottie was fostered in San Leandro, where he enjoyed the company of Poppi, a female Miniature Schnauzer. As is evident from the photo, Scottie was a bit overweight. He has been on a diet and getting more exercise, so he is well on his way towards getting back into top shape.

Scottie went to a new home in Lafayette on August 29, 2010.


Photo of Rescue Dog LB

LB is a very sweet male salt-and-pepper Miniature Schnauzer Schnauzer. LB is of average size, weighing in at 15 lbs. LB came into the Long Beach shelter as a stray wearing a blue collar. The shelter estimated LB's age at 10, but he is very spry, so he is likely younger. LB likes other dogs. He is curious and active, yet gentle and very sweet. LB is a lovely dog who deserved a great home in which to spend his golden years. LB is a handsome boy and looks even better now than he does in the photo after his foster mother, Carole Hansen Baws of the Miniature Schnauzer Club of Southern California, did her magic on him.

LB is neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

LB went to a great new home on August 8, 2010.


Photo of Rescue Dog Penny

Penny is a true "people-lover"—even small people. She grew up with toddlers in the house and adored them. Penny is still a youngster herself—only three years old. She's a purebred Miniature Schnauzer, with natural tail and ears. Her salt and pepper coat is cut short for the summer, but you can imagine how beautiful she's going to be when her coat grows out.

Penny's family were heartbroken when they contacted us for help in placing her. As with so many families in recent times, Penny's family lost their home and couldn't find affordable housing that allowed pets. Penny's favorite thing in life is to provide companionship for her family. She is just about perfect in every way. She's house-trained—she didn't had even one accident at her foster home. She's good on the leash, but is small enough to be picked up and carried—14 solid pounds of healthy girl. She's crate trained, but of course prefers to be with the family. We said she's "just about perfect". This sweetie does have one flaw—she is bossy with other dogs. We therefore looked for a home with children, but without other dogs or cats.

On August 7, 2010, Penny went to her new home, a family in El Cajon with three daughters, who found Penny through MSCNC Rescue. We hope she will have a long and happy life with them and we know she will bring them a lot of joy.

Doc and Emily

Photo of Rescue Dog Doc Photo of Rescue Dog Emily

Doc (left) and Emily (right) came to us from the Camarillo shelter via another rescue group which could not foster them, but which kindly adopted them out of the shelter and transported them to Palmdale for us. We were asked to place them together as they have lived together all of Emily's life; and Emily appears to be somewhat emotionally dependent on Doc.

Both are purebred salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzers. Doc is a neutered 8-year old male and Emily is a spayed 5-year old female. Both have great temperaments and appear to be in good health. Both needed a good grooming, but our expert groomer, Joyce Nagel, took care of that. Hopefully, we can get some photos of them nicely groomed up.

Doc and Emily were fostered by Joyce Nagel of Southern California Schnauzer Rescue in Palmdale. They went to their new home in Martinez on August 7, 2010 where they join a Maine Coon cat named Gusto. Their adopters found Doc and Emily through this website. They were looking for a pair of Schnauzers who get along well together, and Doc and Emily fit the bill!


Photo of Rescue Dog Arthur

Arthur is about 7-8 years old. He is a neutered, male, pure-bred Miniature Schnauzer. Arthur's mom lost her home and he needed a new forever home. Arthur had been with other Schnauzers, both Miniatures and Giants, and around kids. He is crate trained, sits, comes on demand and has a wonderful personality.

Arthur was fostered in the Santa Rosa area by Milli Conover, an experienced Schnauzer owner.

Arthur went to a great new home in Santa Cruz on August 6, 2010, where he will have an 11-year-old Schnauzer companion named Gretel. Gretel was lonely because she recently lost her male littermate companion. She and Arthur hit it off on first meeting. They will enjoy daily walks and be the stars at family gatherings. That's just the type of home Milli was looking for because Arthur has lived with other dogs all his life (and of course he loves people too!).


Photo of Rescue Dog Abby

When you meet Abby, you are not going to believe that this bundle of energy is five years old. In fact, when she was groomed this week, the groomers thought she was no more than one year old! You can see by her photo, that she is a sturdy, healthy and pretty girl. She hasn’t had a traditional Schnauzer cut, so you’ll have to imagine how gorgeous she’s going to be when her skirt, legs and facial hair grow out.

Abby's full pedigree name is “Abigail Persian Princess”, but she’s known as Abby to her friends. She also has a diploma from the PetSmart Puppy Academy. It’s obvious that this little girl is as smart as they come. Even though she had never seen a pet door in her life, it took her only two minutes to learn how to use the pet door in her foster home. She’s house trained, of course.

As a Persian Princess, Abby doesn’t really think of herself as a dog, but she does like to show off her dog tricks: she knows all the usual tricks like “sit”, “shake”, “down” and “roll over”. She also plays dead when you point your fingers at her and say “bang, bang!” She loves to play fetch and tug-of-war.

Abby’s foster mom has found her to be loving and attentive. She likes both men and women, but needs to be placed in a home with no toddlers or cats. We thought she would be aggressive to other dogs, because she sure likes to bark at them when they walk by on the street. However, she has been quite sociable with the three dogs in her foster home.

Abby has a history of prior urinary tract problems, so she should be on a special diet. She is microchipped, spayed and up to date on her vaccinations and flea treatment. She comes equipped with a three month supply of heartworm medication. She likes those dental chewies, so her teeth are sparkling white. When she packed up to start her new life, she brought her favorite toys and even her own bed.

Abby went to her new home in Sparks, NV on August 3, 2010.


Photo of Rescue Dog Tinkerbell

Buddy is a 3 1/2 year old bundle of fun. He is a salt and pepper medium sized Schnauzer, weighing in at about 17 muscular pounds. Buddy was dearly loved by his owner, but became an orphan being temporarily cared for by a family friend. Buddy gets along well with other dogs, but needed to be in a cat-free home. Buddy seems to think that it's great fun to chase the felines, which is why his foster situation did not work out.

Like most Miniature Schnauzers, Buddy loves to talk. In fact, he has mastered the art of sometimes talking without even moving his lips! What a clown! He would make a great ventriloquist. He is also a big cuddler—not happy to just sit down next to you on the couch, but likes to lean on his human. Buddy is a terrific ball player, and will play fetch as long as someone will throw the ball for him.

Buddy went to his forever home on July 25 with a couple from the lovely town of Windsor, near Santa Rosa. After having been neutered and microchipped, Buddy joined his new companion, Brandi, a four year old female Miniature Schnauzer. Brandi lost her beloved companion in April of this year and was longing for a new guy to take  walks with again. It was love at first sight!


Photo of Rescue Dog Hunter

Hunter is a 2-year-old salt-and-pepper male Miniature Schnauzer who was rescued from the Yolo County shelter in Woodlands. The shelter described him as timid, but his personality bloomed after only a few days in foster care. He became lively and affectionate, and played non-stop with another young Schnauzer in his foster home. He was neutered and microchipped while in foster care, and also had surgery to remove embedded foxtails.

Hunter was adopted by a home in Campbell where he will enjoy several walks a day, hiking, and trips to the beach.


Photo of Rescue Dog Audrey

Audrey's lucky day was when we got the call to rescue her up from the Roseville Shelter, where she had already spent almost six weeks. When our foster volunteer met her, Audrey was just SO excited for the company and attention. She couldn't wait to leave that kennel and get to her temporary home, where she had a yard, and where she could run and play with the other dogs in the home. Being only a year old, Audrey is still basically a puppy and needs a lot of regular play time and attention. From her history, we knew that Audrey shouldn't be placed in a home with toddlers, which might be the only reason she hadn't been adopted from the shelter. Audrey is also a special needs dog because of a prior urinary tract infection requiring a restrictive diet.

Once we placed Audrey's photo and story on our rescue website, there were several requests to meet her. In the end, because there were so many good folks out there wanting to give Audrey a new home and a new life, we decided to let her do the "adopting." It was a tough choice for her, because Audrey loves everybody. She's now living in a great home with a fenced back yard and a doggie door for easy access. Best of all, she has a nine year old girl to play with and sleep with at night. It was love at first sight.


Photo of Rescue Dog Eddie Photo of Rescue Dog Eddie

Eddie was rescued from a municipal shelter in Tulare County earlier this year. He was estimated to be about 4 to 5 years old, was emaciated and had a halter imbedded in his back. After the halter was surgically removed, Eddie was placed in one of our Northern California foster homes. Unfortunately, it became immediately clear that Eddie was in serious trouble and near death. He required emergency surgery to remove three golf ball sized stones from his urinary tract. He also required weeks of recuperation and loving care. As you can see by the "after" photo, Eddie did just fine. No longer living on the streets, he was adopted by a loving family and takes regular rides on his own golf cart.

Thanks to the generous donations of supporters of MSCNC Rescue, dogs like Eddie have a second chance at the good life.

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Frankie, aka Frank and Beans

Photo of Rescue Dog Frankie

Frankie is a purebred, 6 month old male salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer puppy. Frankie is good with dogs, cats, and small children. Frankie has natural ears and a docked tail. He is current with vaccinations, and neutered.

His owner in Rancho Cordova was heartbroken about having to give Frankie up, but could no longer keep Frankie following a divorce. After reviewing several applications for Frankie, we found what the owner considered the perfect family in Reno, NV, to adopt Frankie. Unfortunately, though the adopters are heartbroken because they love Frankie, they are unable to keep him because their son is allergic to Frankie.

Frankie went to his second new home, hopefully his permanent one, on July 10, 2010.

Westley (now Baci)

Photo of Rescue Dog Westley

Westley is a 2 year-old black and silver male with beautiful natural ears and a face that says "You will just LOVE me!!". He is quite playful and enjoyed his cat roommate, but needed a lot more one-on-one time with the person in his life. His former owner's schedule had become too full and took her away from home more time than Westley deserved.

Westley quickly took over the hearts of a lovely couple in the Bay Area and he already has been getting lots of the attention his former owner was hoping he would find. He has already been making whirlwind runs through the house with his new playmate, Pia, a 3 year-old Mini Schnauzer mix. After getting him neutered, updated on shots and microchipped, the entire family will be taking long walks and hikes in the Berkeley and Oakland hills.


Photo of Rescue Dog Pepper

Pepper came from a family who lost their home.

Pepper is a purebred female salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer, about 6 years old. She's in good health, spayed, and up-to-date on vaccinations. Her ears are cropped and her tail is docked. Her teeth have just been cleaned.

Pepper is very friendly. She seems to like everyone.

Pepper was fostered by Joyce Nagel of Southern California Schnauzer Rescue in Palmdale. Pepper left on June 11, 2010 for a new home with an older lady in Fresno, who found Pepper through this website.


Photo of Rescue Dog Guy

Josh is a purebred male salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer.

Josh was a stray. He's about one and a half years old. Josh is au natural with his ears and tail intact. He has, however, been neutered. He is up-to-date on vaccinations and appears to be in good health.

Josh was fostered by Joyce Nagel of Southern California Schnauzer Rescue in Palmdale. He went to a new home near Sacramento on June 6, 2010, where he will be living with the adopters' 7-year old daughter and a 10-year old female Schnauzer. Josh's adopters found Josh on this website.


Photo of Rescue Dog Smokey

Smokey is a Miniature Schnauzer/Shih Tzu mix, who is about 4 years old. He's neutered, current on vaccinations, microchipped, and ready for a great new home where he can provide much love and great companionship.

Smokey and his female partner, Ashes, were on death row at the Stanislaus County Animal shelter. Ashes is already adopted, but Smokey is still waiting for someone to fall in love with his sweet disposition and offer him a new, forever home.

Smokey is very affectionate and loves to cuddle up on your lap. He is quiet and good natured, and walks nicely on a leash. Smokey was horribly filthy and matter when he arrived at the shelter as a stray, but he was a perfect gentleman while he had to be cleaned up and shaved down.

Smokey has the salt & pepper, non-shed coat and docked tail of a Schnauzer, and the longer body and shorter legs of a Shih Tzu. This little guy is cute, cute, cute. He is crate-trained and about 85% house-trained. It won't take but a little bit of patience and regular trips outside for him to be 100% reliable in the house.

Smokey wen to his new forever home in Ione on May 14, 2010, where he will be joining a rescued female lab/shep mix. After a brief meeting, it was love at first sight between the two of them.


Photo of Rescue Dog Storm

Storm is an adorable small (13 lb.) female salt-and-pepper schnauzer who will be 2 years old in July, 2010. She is microchipped, spayed, up-to-date on shots, healthy, and comes with AKC papers. A San Jose couple rescued her from a backyard breeder who kept her crated in his garage, or let her run wild with another small dog.

The couple that rescued Storm have 3 young children, another Schnauzer, and many visitors to their home. They loved her but felt that she would be happier in a much quieter home where she can get lots of lap time and attention, and where there are no kids. Storm tends to be fearful of strangers, nervous around kids, and needs further socialization. She is an affectionate little girl and loves to be held quietly on a lap and snuggle.

Storm went to her new home in Discovery Bay on April 20, 1010.

Riley and Peaches

Photo of Rescue Dogs Riley and Peaches

Riley and Peaches are sisters and have never spent a day apart, which is why we wanted to place them together. They are truly devoted to each other—they don't even argue about treats or toys. They curl up together for naps and bedtime; Riley sometimes uses sister Peaches for a pillow. They're three years old, already spayed and up to date on all their vaccinations. Riley (the salt and pepper) is a big girl, very playful and talkative. Little sister Peaches is a dainty girl (maybe 11 pounds), quiet and cuddly, and loves to be picked up and carried. The girls are house trained and well behaved. When off leash at the doggie park, they never stray too far away, and always come when called. They get along with children and other dogs, but Peaches will be somewhat timid around big, noisy boy dogs until she gets to know them. They both seem to ignore cats, unless they find one that will play a game of chase.

These sweet girls are healthy and well adjusted. They were raised by a good family who obviously loved them and took excellent care of them. They were adopted (together, of course) shortly after their appearance on our website. Unfortunately, because of unforeseen circumstances, their adoptive family had to return them soon after the adoption. No worries, their foster family decided that it was fate, and the sisters are living the good life in Rancho Murietta, CA. They share their home with 10 year old Butch, two cats, and the occasional foster dog.


Photo of Rescue Dog Ruthie

Ruthie is a small, cute, very affectionate female Schnauzer mix, about 11-12 lbs. Ruthie is about two years old.

Ruthie's former owners surrendered her to the Los Angeles East Valley shelter after she had a litter of puppies. Ruthie was shell-shocked and depressed after being separated from her puppies and living in the shelter for three weeks. We did not want to add even more changes to her life by placing her right after rescuing her. However, after a few weeks in foster care. Ruthie is again the happy little dog she once was and is looking forward to a new forever home. Ruthie loves people and other dogs, and loves having her belly rubbed. Ruthie does not bark at noises outside but lets you know when it is biscuit-time with a welcoming "Aroooo" (which is likely how she got her name).

Ruthie is spayed, micro-chipped, up-to-date on her shots, and has just had her teeth cleaned. Ruthie would love a home with someone to love her and ply her with biscuits (but with enough restraint not to let her get fat, since she is an eager eater).

Ruthie went to her new home in Jackson on April 6, 2010.


Photo of Rescue Dog Petey Photo of Rescue Dog Petey

Petey is a purebred male Miniature Schnauzer, about 2 to 3 years old. We rescued Petey from the Lodi shelter. Petey is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and heartworm negative. Petey weighs 24.5 lbs.

Petey is very even tempered. He was a family dog before he was surrendered to the shelter.

Petey went to his forever new home on April 3, 2010, just in time for Easter. He will be living in San Francisco and should eat well since his adopter is a personal chef.

The photo to the left is Petey after his foster mom groomed him. The photo to the right shows Petey relaxing in his new home with his new toy bone.


Photo of Rescue Dog Betsy

Betsy is 13 pounds of fun and love (but hardly any trouble). Betsy ended up in "the system" when she outlived her senior owner—certainly not through any fault of her own. Betsy is about 3 years old. She gets along great with other dogs, though she can be timid around large dogs until she's sure they won't hurt her. Betsy is gentle and tolerant with kids, but likes to chase cats. She's a healthy, happy, well-adjusted little girl. Betsy is up to date on her vaccinations, and already spayed—in other words, ready to go to her new family.

When Betsy was surrendered by the family of her elderly owner, she immediately went into a loving foster home near Sacramento, where she had a great but short vacation. On March 27, after less than a week in her foster home, Betsy went to her new permanent home. They say that Betsy is the perfect little girl—house trained, comfortable with a doggie door (small enough for a cat door, too!), and self-feeding. Lots of energy and very, very loving and affectionate,

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Photo of Rescue Dog Jack

Jack is a salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer who appears to be 3–5 years old. We had him checked out at the vet's and the vet says that Jack seems to be in perfect health. Jack is on the large size for a Miniature Schnauzer at 22 lbs and 16" tall. Jack's teeth are in good condition. He has no parasites and no signs of ear infection. Jack has been tested for heartworms and is heartworm free.

Jack was filthy, stinky and completely matted when found. He looks much better now that he has been bathed and groomed and will look still more handsome when his beard and leg hair grow back. Jack is neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations.

Jack loves playing with kids, other dogs, and cats. Jack comes when called, responds to both his name and to whistles, and he knows "sit" and "shake." Jack is housebroken and knows how to use a doggie door.

On March 22, 2010, Jack moved to his new home with a family from Travis Air Force Base.


Photo of Rescue Dog Gretchen Photo of Rescue Dog Gretchen and friend Missy with adopters

Gretchen is a 4 to 5 year old female Miniature Schnauzer who weighs 24 lbs. Gretchen was out on her own with a doggie buddy, when she was found in Calaveras County. Gretchen is a sweet little girl, but needed to build her confidence up as she was a bit timid with new people. Gretchen was a mess on intake, but under all the hair was this gorgeous Schnauzer.

Gretchen went to her new home on March 18, 2010. Gretchen (now Pipi) lives in Colfax with her companion Schnauzer Missy. Both are about the same age (3 years) and visit the neighbor's two male Schnauzers up the street with their owners. All get along fine and run around and play in the large yard.


Photo of Rescue Dog Moose Photo of Rescue Dog Moose

Moose is an affectionate young, neutered male Miniature Schnauzer, who we were fostering in the Auburn area.

Moose was adopted on March 11, 2010 by a couple who live in Sonora. They had had 2 Schnauzers who had died of old age. They live in a home on Âa few acres (with a smaller fenced yard) and a parrot or two.

The wife is home alone much of the time as her husband works in San Jose, so she and Moose will be great company for each other.


Photo of Rescue Dog Banjo

Banjo is a purebred male Miniature Schnauzer, about 22 lbs. Banjo will be 1 year old on March 26. He is neutered, has all of his shots and is microchipped. Banjo likes other dogs and cats, but has never been around children and seems to be afraid of them. Banjo is very sweet and lovable, is housebroken and uses a doggy door. If the doggy door is closed, Banjo sits by it and barks to go out.

Banjo was owned by a married couple. The husband bought Banjo as a gift for his wife. The husband just passed away and the wife is now she is unable to take care of Banjo by herself.

Banjo was adopted by a retired couple in Pismo Beach on March 12, 2010, just in time to celebrate St. Patrick's day.


Photo of Rescue Dog Charlie align=

Charlie is a black, five year old neutered male Miniature Schnauzer who was living in Sparks, NV. His owners' work schedules changed and Charlie then had to spend much more time home alone. Realizing that Charlie needed more attention than they could give him, his owners contacted MSCNC Rescue. MSCNC received a call from a family in Napa who were looking for a rescued Schnauzer. The adopters drove to Sparks the next morning to pick up Charlie.

Charlie's new adopters are a fireman and they have 2 daughters, 5 and 19. Charlie got to go to work with his new adopter and got ride in a fire truck the 2nd day he was in Napa. Needless to say, Charlie is having a ball in his new home.


Photo of Rescue Dog Lainie Photo of Rescue Dog Lainie

Is that really the same dog in both photos? You can bet your Milk-Bone she is! The shelter wasn't even sure if Lainie was a purebred Miniature Schnauzer, but under the dirty, smelly matted mess in the photo at the left—taken in the shelter—was the beautiful, clearly purebred female Miniature Schnauzer in the photo on the right. Accomplishing the transformation required 3 baths and more than 5 hours of grooming. Lainie put up with all of that like the trooper she is.

Lainie, who is about 10 years old, had been at the Los Angeles East Valley shelter for almost a month when MSCNC Rescue Committee member John Hoffman rescued her on January 14. After the three baths and hours of work by master groomer Alice Kashirsky, who worked hard to save as much of Lainie's beard and leg hair as possible—rather than just shaving off all the matted hair—Lainie now looks like the beautiful Schnauzer she was under the mess. Lainie will look even better when she regrows the eyebrows that someone cut off before we got her.

Lainie is an eager eater, bounces across the kitchen when someone comes in, enjoys going for walks, gets along well with other dogs, and likes children.

Lainie spent about a month residing with MSCNC Rescue Committee member John Hoffman near Pasadena in southern California. On February 21, 2010, Lainie went to a great new home in Manteca, where she is the apple of her adopter's eyes.


Photo of Rescue Dog Ethan

Ethan is a super-friendly purebred salt & pepper male Miniature Schnauzer, about 6 years old, who loves everyone. MSCNC member John Hoffman rescued Ethan from the L.A. County shelter in Agoura. Unfortunately, the shelter clipped off Ethan's beard. Ethan will look a lot better when his beard grows back in.

Ethan was fostered by Joyce Nagel in Palmdale. Ethan went to a wonderful new home in Sacramento on February 21, 2010. We understand he immediately went to work exploring every corner of his new home.


Photo of Rescue Dog Remington

Remington is an affectionate 5 year old, neutered male Miniature Schnauzer. We rescued Remington from the Placerville shelter.

On Valentines Day, February 14, 2010, Remington was adopted by a family in Grants Pass, OR, who saw him on this website.


Photo of Rescue Dog Toby align= Photo of Rescue Dog Toby

Toby is a one year old white Miniature Schnauzer. Toby's former owner and her then boyfriend bought Toby from a breeder in Riverside. She and her boyfriend later broke up. Alone all day, Toby was getting himself in trouble as puppies are wont to do—chewing on cabinets and furniture. On the plus side, Toby is crate trained (though he prefers to snuggle up next to his human on the bed). Toby is housebroken and asks to go out when he needs to do so. Also, Toby is very sweet—he likes other dogs and people.

Toby went to his new home in Spark, NV. on February 6, 2010. His adopters have a boy about 8 and a girl around 6. Toby was in love at first sight and was off with the boy walking and playing.


Photo of Rescue Dog Sadie

Sadie was surrendered by a family in Modesto who were losing their home and could not take a dog to their new home. While Sadie is very friendly, she represented a challenge because we needed to place her quickly, she was not spayed, and she had not been groomed in more than a year. Fortunately, we had a prospective adopter on our waiting list since before Christmas, who was looking for a middle aged dog. At 5 years old, Sadie was the perfect fit.

We had Sadie groomed and spayed, and she is now living happily in her new home in Modesto.

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Photo of Rescue Dog Hadley

Hadley is a friendly and alert black purebred female Miniature Schnauzer. We estimate her age at 7-8 years old. MSCNC member John Hoffman rescued Hadley from the L.A. County Shelter in Agoura. She is spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on her shots.

Hadley was initially fostered in Palmdale, and then moved to a foster home in Sunnyvale in early January. Sweet but shy, she bloomed in foster care and quickly became more confident, energetic, and playful. She loves her food and walks. This pretty girl found a wonderful forever home in the Danville area with a loving family and 5-year-old male salt & pepper Schnauzer named Zaphie.


Photo of Rescue Dog Ethan

Spencer is a very cute white Miniature Schnauzer who we rescued from the Sacramento shelter and fostered in the Sacramento area.

Spencer was adopted on January 12, 2010 by a couple from Sacramento, who have an adult child living with them. Spencer will not lack for company because someone will be home with Spencer all of the time.


Photo of Rescue Dog Scamp

Scamp is a very friendly 1-1/2 year old purebred neutered male Miniature Schnauzer. Scamp suffered a broken rear leg when he was hit by a car in southern California. The surgeons put a pin in his leg when repairing the break, and eventually the pin was removed. Scamp spent quite a while under the care of Joyce Nagel of the Miniature Schnauzer Club of Southern California Rescue in Palmdale, California while his leg healed.

A member of the MSCNC foster team saw Scamp on this web site. His penetrating eyes and whiskered good looks made it a match. His adoptive mom drove down to Palmdale in early January to bring Scamp back to his permanent home in Sunnyvale. This handsome salt and pepper boy is adjusting well to his new home with other mini-Schnauzers and a Greyhound.

Scamp loves his toys, walks, snuggles, and food. He is being given water therapy to improve the flexibility of his rear leg.


Photo of Rescue Dog Maisie

Maisie is a 4-year old purebred miniature schnauzer that we rescued from the San Francisco SPCA on December 19th.

This pretty, affectionate, tail-wagging girl went to a foster home in the South Bay where she responded well to the companionship of other mini-Schnauzers and a Greyhound. Her foster mom worked with Maisie on retraining her to sit and stay rather than rush out open doors.

On Christmas Day, a woman in the Sacramento area looked at this web site and saw Maisie. She contacted us and a visit was arranged. It was love at first sight for both her and Maisie.


Photo of Rescue Dog Koga

Koga was rescued from the Placer SPCA on December 5, 2009. He spent several weeks in a foster home in the South Bay with several mini-Schnauzers and a Greyhound.

In mid-December, just before Christmas, Koga went to his new forever home in Redwood City. His new family have a 5-year-old male Schnauzer who was grieving the loss of a Schnauzer companion and was severely depressed. Within one day, all of that changed. Koga (renamed "Baxter") is already best buddies with Skeeter, his purebred black Schnauzer companion, and is adjusting beautifully to his new home and adoptive mom & dad.

Koga and Skeeter were having such a good time that they destroyed all of their original toys while playing. Fortunately, Santa brought them new ones.


Photo of Rescue Dog Charlie

Charlie was found as a stray in San Mateo. We found Charlie a new home in Santa Rosa with a recently retired woman who was a 911 dispatcher. Charlie and his new adopter reportedly adore each other and Charlie's 2010 should be a lot better than his 2009.


Photo of Rescue Dog Baxter

Baxter (formerly Bach) is a lovable, purebred 8 year old neutered male Miniature Schnauzer. Baxter was surrendered to the Oakdale Shelter because his family couldn't afford to pay for testing and treatment for an intestinal problem. Shelter Pet Alliance kindly paid the cost of treatment. After extensive blood work, exams, and 4 days at Monte Vista Animal Hospital, Baxter is fully recovered. He has also had some dental work done. Baxter is house trained and knows how to use a dog door. Baxter likes other dogs, particularly easy going spayed females of any size. He is a polite, well mannered boy who will sit on command and catch treats on the fly. When he gets worried or excited he yips with a high pitched little squeal, but he is otherwise a pretty quiet boy.
Baxter was fostered my MSCNC Rescue Committee Betsie Corwin and went to his new forever home right after Thanksgiving 2009.


Photo of Rescue Dog Kelly

Kelly is a sweet, 11 year old purebred Miniature Schnauzer lady who loves everyone and likes to get lots of love. Kelly is a perfect angel in the home and a joy to have around. She is potty trained, mellow, fun and loving. Kelly loves to be by your side and hang out. She is quiet, likes other dogs, and is a wonderful pet.

Kelly was available for adoption at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas, CA, and is now happily adjusting to a new home. We do not know yet if this site played any role in finding her adopters.


Placeholder for Photo of Rescue Dog Amy

Amy is a sweet, very affectionate, 5 year old, spayed, female salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer.

Amy's owner had surrendered her because he is going to school and does not have enough time to spend with her.

Amy went to a new home in Milpitas on September 20, 2009. Amy has a new boyfriend there, a 5 year old Schnauzer named George.


Photo of Rescue Dog Jazzy

Jazzy is a super friendly 3 year old female Miniature Schnauzer. Jazzy was rescued by Joyce Nagel of Miniature Schnauzer Club of Southern California Rescue, in Palmdale. Jazzy was adopted by a northern California family who saw her on this website. We hope Jazzy will have a great life with her new family.

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Photo of Rescue Dog Bond

Bond is a Miniature Schnauzer, about 1 year old, 20 pounds and sporting a new do. What a handsome boy he is! Bond is very friendly, has lots of energy, and loves people. Bond loves attention and wants to stay close. And he talks. He will be a very loving, interesting member of any family.

Bond was at the Madera County Animal Control and was adopted through this website by a gentleman in San Francisco, where Bond will be living with a Parsons Jack Russell Terrier as a companion.

Chase and Sasha

Photo of Rescue Dogs Chase and Sasha

Chase, male, and Sasha, female, are 8 year old purebred Miniature Schnauzers, whose owner passed away. They are in good health, housebroken, and make friends easily with dogs and people. On November 5, 2009, a lady in Orinda, who had recently lost her two black Miniature Schnauzers, adopted both Chase and Sasha. Chase and Sasha can thus enjoy a wonderful new home together.


Photo of Rescue Dog Sprite

We rescued Sprite from the Stanislaus County shelter, kept her in a foster home, and placed Sprite in a permanent new home on Halloween 2009, where she will be joining her adopters' two other Schnauzers. Sprite likes other dogs and immediately set about developing relationships with the other dogs at her foster home. We have no doubt she will do the same with her two new Schnauzer companions.


Photo of Rescue Dog Neeko

Neeko is a purebred male Miniature Schnauzer, just turning one year old. Neeko was living in the Chico area. Neeko is very sweet and affectionate and loves attention. Neeko preferred an adult only home, and that is exactly what we found for him. Neeko is happy in his new home in Oakland with a retired nurse educator and his own live-in girlfriend, a Standard Schnauzer.


Photo of Rescue Dog Timmy Photo of Rescue dog Timmy in new home

Timmy is a purebred, neutered, salt & pepper 23 lb. male Miniature Schnauzer about 5 years old. The photo on the left came from the shelter before we rescued him. Timmy went to his new home on September 4th. Timmy looks a lot better now now that he is groomed and looks a lot more comfortable resting on a soft surface in his new home. He is living with Mark and Kelley in Oakdale, where he has a live-in female Miniature Dachshund friend. Timmy has a big backyard to play in and life looks a lot brighter than when he was in the shelter.

Otto (formerly Archie)

Placeholder for photo of Rescue Dog Archie Photo of Rescue Dog Otto-Archie

Otto is a neutered, male 2 1/2 Miniature Schnauzer, who was at the Napa County Animal Shelter. Otto was adopted on August 24, 2009 by a young couple in Sonoma who had contacted the MSCNC Rescue Committee to find a new Schnauzer, and who then looked at Otto on this website. The photo on the left shows Otto at the shelter. The photo to the right shows Otto relaxing in his new home. Here's what his new owners have to say:

Otto (aka "Archie" to you) is the sweetest, most loving and gentle dog we could ever have hoped for! He is adapting very well to his new home and learning fast. He can sit, shake and (sometimes) stay. Otto is learning how to walk on a leash and is more confident every day. He also enjoys sitting and looking at himself in a full-length mirror of our guest roomwhich, by the way, he adopted as HIS room the day we brought him home! I cannot thank you enough for calling me to let me know he was at our Napa shelter. Otto brings so much love and joy to our lives. My husband, Greg, and I couldn't be happier!


Photo of Rescue Dog Molly

Molly is an 8 year old female Miniature Schnauzer. Molly was being fostered by a vet tech from the veterinary practice to which Molly had been taken since she was a puppy. Molly was surrendered by her owners when she suffered an attack of pancreatitis (which usually can be avoided by not feeding table scraps or other fatty foods). Molly is now in good health, and very affectionate. Molly went to a new home with a couple in American Canyon on August 14, 2009.


Photo of rescue Schnauzer Jack

Jack is a 6 year old male purebred salt & pepper male Miniature Schnauzer. Jack was saved from an abusive, neglectful home by a kind neighbor and brought to Joyce Nagel, who does Schnauzer rescue, Palmdale. Jack likes people, kids, dogs, and anyone who will play with him. As of August 4, 2009, Jack is in a new home in Sacramento with a family who found him on this website.


Placeholder for Photo of Rescue Dog Gracie

(Photo to comewe hope!)
Gracie is a female Miniature Schnauzer, about 3 years old, who was living in the Magalia area. Gracie's owners were a military family who have been stationed in Korea for the past year and a half. Gracie was living with friends of the owners, but the owners decided that it was time for Gracie to have a permanent new home because they will be stationed in Korea longer than expected. Gracie loves kids and is good with even young kids. She is now in her new home with a family in Hayward.


Placeholder for Photo of Rescue Dog Peter

(Photo to comewe hope!)
Peter is an affectionate male Miniature Schnauzer, about 2 years old. Peter was rescued by another rescue group, which did not have a foster home for him and asked us to take him. We placed Peter in a great foster home near Sacramento, and arranged to have Peter neutered. Peter went to a new home in Reno on August 1, where he will live with a female Miniature Schnauzer and a Labrador Retriever.

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Placeholder for Photo of Rescue Dog Princess

Princess is an AKC Champion salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer, about 5 years old. She, and Gigi (below) were owned by an MSCNC member who was unable to keep them because he has health problems that have deprived him of the ability to care for them. Here is a report from Princess's new adopters in Placerville:

"THANK YOU!!! Princess is just the most wonderful little lady. I picked her up in Antioch yesterday (7/29) at 10:30. She is just so sweet. The two hour drive home went perfectly. She gets along great with my two other dog and the cat. She seems to be totally housebroken (at least so far) and we are working on using the dog door. Three dogs, a cat and two people all slept in the same bed all night. The alpha Shih Tzu even allowed Princess to sleep in his special spot on the bed (under my chin). My blind schnauzer and Princess were wandering around the yard as if they had always known each other. The only problem is that Princess wants to do kissies at 3:00 in the morning and as you can guess I was not thrilled. My husband loved her at first sight and she cuddled with him on this chair for several hours. My husband is home every day while I am at work so he spends many hours with our fur children. He would be very lonesome without the dogs. I already have an appointment for spaying and shots. I will keep you updated.
Thank you again. We are so happy to get such a great little dog."


Placeholder for Photo of Rescue Dog Gigi

(Photo to comewe hope!)
Gigi is a purebred salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer, about 2 or 3 years old. Like Princess above, Gigi was owned by an MSCNC member who could no longer keep them because of health problems that have deprived him of the ability to care for dogs. Gigi was adopted by a family from Novato in late July 2009.


Photo of rescue dog Abby Photo of rescue dog Abby

Abby had lived all of her life with an older lady who recently had to go into a care center after falling in her house and being unable to get up. Abby guarded her injured owner for 3 days until help came, dragging pillows over to her owner in an effort to make her owner as comfortable as possible. The owner's children nonetheless did not want Abby and surrendered her to the vet to be euthanized. The vet contacted MSCNC's Rescue Committee. We provided needed surgery for removal of bladder stones and had some needed dental work done. On July 16, 2009, Abby went to a new foster home, which later decided to adopt Abby.


Photo of rescue Schnauzer Raider

Raider is a super-friendly black male Miniature Schnauzer, about 4 years old. Raider came into the Miniature Schnauzer Club of Southern California rescue because his owners got divorced and neither could keep him. Raider was adopted by a family from Red Bluff, who found Raider on this website. Their elderly Schnauzer had just passed away and they were looking for a new companion for their female Schnauzer. Raider was happy to step in.


Photo of rescue dog Ozzie

Ozzie is a 4 year old neutered male Miniature Schnauzer who was surrendered to MSCNC Rescue by his owners when they moved to a new home and could not take Ozzie with them. Jeff and Gloria Young from Santa Rosa very kindly provided a foster home for Ozzie, until Ozzie was adopted on June 30, 2009, by a gentleman in Merced who saw Ozzie on this website.


Photo of rescue Schnauzer Tasha Photo of Rescue Dog Tasha

Tasha is a 10 year old salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer, who was in the Placer SPCA. Tasha's owners had surrendered her when they moved to a new home where they could not take her. We did not have a foster home for Tasha and Muttville, a rescue group that specializes in rescuing older dogs, kindly rescued Tasha and found her a foster home in the San Francisco area.
The photo on the left was taken at the shelter. The photo on the right was taken by Muttville after they had Tasha groomed. (Tasha sure looks a lot happier after grooming, doesn't she?)
Tasha was adopted on June 3, 2009 by a Nevada City family who found her on this website and contacted Muttville. Here's what they have to say about Tasha:
"I did get Tasha, and she's a wonderful dog! Her Muttville foster dad that I met couldn't have been nicerI'm sure the time spent in their home did her a lot of good. She is just a terrific dogvery energetic and loves to play fetch, but not nervous or hyper. We took her to a dog park and she is great around other dogs and kids, too. Tasha seems really well-adjusted, calm and happy. It's hard to see why anyone would have parted with her."


Spencer is a 4 1/2 year old purebred Miniature Schnauzer, about 22 lbs. Spencer is very affectionate and playful. He likes adults, kids and other dogs. Spencer's owners were working long hours and were unable to spend enough time with him. They asked us to list Spencer, who has his own Kodak Gallery, with seventeen photos of him (opens in a new browser window). Spencer has been adopted. We don't yet know if the adopter was someone who saw Spencer on this website.


Photo of Rescue Dog Fresno Boy Wyls (pronounced "Wills") is about 4–6 years old. He is a purebred, salt and pepper male Miniature Schnauzer whose previous owner dumped him on a farm in Kings County. Wyls lucked out in that he was rescued and fostered by a Standard Schnauzer breeder, who took him to the vet, and got him up to date on vaccinations, wormed, de-fleaed, microchipped, groomed, neutered, and had his dental work done. Wyls is a cheerful, active guy who adapted to his foster home very quickly. We listed Wyls on this website as soon as he was rescued, but before we could find him a home, his rescuer's sister decided to adopt him. Another happy ending.


Photo of Rescue Dog Cassidy

Cassidy was surrendered by her owner to Pinole Animal Shelter. We learned that she had been peeing in the house continually since the owner purchased her a week before surrendering her. The neighbor of the owner contacted us to tell us that owner had taken Cassidy to the shelter. We contacted Pat and Susan in Sacramento who agreed to foster Cassidy until we could find a permanent home for her. They drove to Martinez that afternoon, picked Cassidy up, and took her to their veterinarian. She was diagnosed with a simple urinary infection which would be cleared up quickly with drugs. Cassidy is now living permanently at Pat and Susan's where she rules the roost! Cassidy has even gotten their Chow-mix out of bed to play with her. Everyone has a new outlook on life.


Photo of Rescue Dog Bridgit Photo of Rescue Dog Bridgit

Bridgit is a sweet 14 year old purebred Miniature Schnauzer, whose owners brought her to the Oakdale shelter to be euthanized, because her owners had 2 Schnauzers and are moving to a place where they can only have one dog. The shelter attendant talked the owners out of having Bridgit euthanized and got their permission to put Bridget up for adoption. We listed Bridgit on this site. We don't know if our listing her had anything to do with her being placed, but Bridgit lucked out and was adopted by a nice couple only 3 days after arriving at the shelter.

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Photo of Rescue Dog Mitzy

Mitzi is a middle-aged, spayed female Miniature Schnauzer who was rescued from a kill shelter by ResQ Animal Coalition, in Redding. Mitzy was turned into the shelter by her owner's family after her owner died. Mitzi has had a thorough exam by ResQ's vet, including blood work, and was pronounced "healthy and fit". Mitzy looks more like a teddy bear than a Schnauzer because whoever groomed her didn't do a Schnauzer cut, but Mitzi's beard has no doubt grown back by now. Mitzi was adopted by a young couple in Sacramento, who found her on this website. Mitzi's adoptive family includes a Dachshund who is quickly becoming Mitzi's new best friend.


Photo of Rescue Dog Rose

Rose is a 10-month old puppy mill puppy, who was turned over to ResQ Animal Coalition, in Redding, not yet housebroken. Rose was a scared, unsocialized little girl of 10 months, who needs a loving, experienced dog owner. ResQ worked hard on getting Rose used to human contact by taking her to the dog park and just spending time with her in general. Rose now has a new home in Nevada with adopters who found her on this website. Her adopters understand Rose's need for more socialization and report that Rose is doing well in her new home.


Photo of Rescue Dog Dexter Photo of Rescue Dog Dexter and New Family

Dexter is a one year old Miniature Schnauzer who was at the Roseville shelter. MSCNC Rescue Committee member Betsie Corwin picked Dexter up the at Roseville shelter and placed him with a family in Auburn. Betsie describes Dexter as “a real cuddle bug.” The adopters took all of 2 seconds to fall in love with Dexter as can be seen from the photo on the right.


Photo of Rescue Dog Sherlock

Sherlock is a very sweet 3 year old neutered male Miniature Schnauzer who was at the Santa Rosa Animal Shelter for about a month. Sherlock has been adopted as of April 23, 2009. The shelter tells us that it believes the adopters first saw Sherlock on this website.


Photo of rescue dog Napa Boy

Snap, a neutered male Miniature Schnauzer, probably between a year and a year and a half old, was at the Napa Animal Shelter. Snap is friendly, does sit and down on command, and is housebroken. Snap has now been adopted as a result of having been pictured on this website, by adopters who adopted their previous Schnauzer through long-time MSCNC rescue committee member Milly Robertson.

Zach (formerly Lucky)

Photo of Rescue Dog Lucky

Zach is a 1 year old black & silver neutered male miniature schnauzer with tons of energy and brains. If he had the chance he would fetch and return a ball until he dropped. At 20 pounds, he is large for a mini. Zach had some separation anxiety, but is learning to relax when his family needs to leave the house. Zach was adopted by a couple in Riverbank on April 14 2009. Zach's adopters, who had Schnauzers years ago and missed having one, are planning to retire and look forward to traveling in their motorhome with Zach. They love his energy and his enthusiasm, especially for chasing the ball.


Photo of Rescue Dog Benjamin

Benjamin is a purebred, intact male Miniature Schnauzer, about 10yrs old, who was rescued by PALS, a group that assists the Lodi Shelter, after he was picked up as a stray. Benjamin was reunited with his owners after they saw him listed on this website, and thus found out where he was.

Gracie (formerly Mitzie)

Photo of Rescue Dog Mitzie

Gracie is a very sweet purebred 12 year old Miniature Schnauzer. Gracie was adopted on Valentine's Day 2009 by a couple in Napa who also have two rescued cats. What a great Valentine's Day gift for Gracieand for the couple who adopted her! Here's what Gracie's adopter's have to say about her:

I wanted you to know how well Gracie is doing! We just love her to bits and what a joy she is. She sleeps a lot but when she is awake she plays and follows us all around the apt. She has taken a shine to Robert especially…it's so cute and he just loves it! She even jumps on the sofa to sit next to him and if he stops petting her for a second, she taps on his hand with her paw…adorable! We noticed she did not like walking in the rain so we bought her a rain coat. Now we can walk longer and she seems to be happier with her coat on. The cats are getting along fine with her. She tried to play with Pooh this morning and Pooh wasn't sure about that but it was only the first time. Things are going well there, and will take some time but we are confident. There has been no hissing or swatting…just a cat's curiosity.


Photo of Rescue Dog Brodie

Brodie is a 2 1/2 year old salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer. Brodie's adopters say he has been a Godsend to their family. Through the efforts of MSCNC's Rescue Committee, they adopted Brodie from a Los Banos family on February 15, 2009 shortly after the death of the adopters' 14 year-old Schnauzer. Brodie bonded with his adoptive family very quickly. They describe Brodie as smart, playful, and energetic. Brodie eagerly fetches his stuffed animal. He loves to snuggle in his new owners' laps to watch TV or nap. Brodie also gets along well with Piper, their 4 1/2 year old German Shepherd/Lab mix (an animal control rescue). The two dogs run and play in the back yard and they snuggle up at bedtime.


Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Bailey

Bailey is a 6 year old purebred salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer, with uncropped ears, who is in good health. Bailey needed a new home because his owner died. Bailey lucked out big time! On January 21, 2009, Bailey joined his new family in Piedmont, and spent the next day as the star of a Super Bowl party, where he kept himself busy schmoozing with all the other guests.

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Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Fiona

Fiona is a doll. She is very sweet and gets along with everyone. Through the efforts of MSCNC member Mary Alford, and a friend, Betsie Corwin, Fiona was adopted by Susan, a single lady in Burlingame who lives in a pet-friendly apartment building and who is able to take Fiona to work with her most days.

Susan reports that Fiona is very good at the office. Fiona already knows where Susan keeps her handbag and keys both at home and work. As long as both are put away, Fiona is content. Susan usually wears slippers at home. If Susan puts on her shoes and picks up keys or handbag, Fiona takes pre-emptive action and moves between Susan and the door. Susan bought a seat belt harness for Fiona, who now rides in the backseat like she's always done it. Fiona loves to travel!

Mia and Roxy

Photo of Rescue Schnauzers Mia and Roxy

Mia and Roxy are 5 month old Miniature Schnauzer puppies who were placed through the efforts of MSCNC member Walter Poeth. They were surrendered in Roseville and were adopted together by a couple in Nice, California. Mia is timid and shy, while Roxy rules the roost. Both are adapting well to their new home and the resident cat is adapting to having 2 Schnauzers in the house.


Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Ranger

Ranger was rescued by the Friends of Animal Control of Tuolumne County and placed by MSCNC. Ranger was adopted by a couple in Livermore who have a black Miniature Schnauzer and a Parsons Jack Russell Terrier. They hope to train Ranger to compete in agility.


Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Max

Max was an owner surrender from a military family who was moving to base housing and could only take one of their dogs with him. Max came from a home with 3 adults, 4 children, 3 dogs, and assorted cats and other animals, and loves to play with anyone or anything. Max was adopted by a retired couple in Palm Desert and a gray toy poodle named Nicole, who are immensely enjoying Max's company.

Max (formerly Frankie)

Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Frankie

Frankie was rescued by MSCNC member Mary Alford and placed in a new home on October 31, 2008. Frankie is about 5 years old. He was a stray, whose former owners could not be located. Frankie was turned over to the Calaveras Humane Society after coming within inches of being hit by a gravel truck. He was lucky enough to be taken to a foster home shortly after arriving at the shelter where he stayed until rescued by MSCNC. Frankie was very timid and anxious for affection when rescued. Frankie is now in a new home with an adopter in Turlock who adores him and Frankie is enjoying life again.

Abbey Jean (formerly Minkey)

Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Abbey Jean

Abbey Jean was rescued by MSCNC member Walter Poeth. She was one of two Schnauzers with a family who had a one-year old child. The dogs had become jealous of the time being spent with the child, and the couple decided they could no longer keep the dogs. Abbey Jean is now living happily with a retired couple in Folsom.


Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Gracie

Gracie was surrendered by her prior owner, a single mother who lost her job and had to move back with her parents on the east coast. Gracie had been left alone during the day while her owner worked and seemed to have little socialization beyond her owner and the owner's 7 year old daughter. Gracie did not like being around other dogs. We placed Gracie with a widow in Santa Barbara who is an experienced dog owner and who has lots of time to spend with Gracie. Gracie adores her new owner and is now having the best time of her life.


Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Molly

Molly is a 7 year old Schnauzer, who was rescued from the Los Angeles East Valley shelter in April 2008. Molly had undergone surgery the day before for removal of a bladder stone and to be spayed. Molly greeted MSCNC member John Hoffman with a wagging tail and a plea to get out of the shelter as quickly as possible. The shelter had guessed Molly was 11, but she was clearly younger than that. We were able to fix her age at 7 by her microchip. Molly is now living with a couple in Canyon Country who absolutely adore her.


Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Maggie in Shelter Photo of Rescue Schanuzer Maggie in new home

Maggie, a 5 year old Miniature Schnauzer, was rescued by MSCNC from the Los Angeles East Valley Shelter in October 2007. Maggie had been hit by a car two days earlier. She had a broken pelvis and assorted other injuries and was in a lot of pain. Maggie was a very lucky dog. The Hogan Foundation paid for her surgery, which cost nearly $3,000, and we nursed her back to health before placing her in early January 2008 with the same family who adopted Teddy below. The picture on the left is Maggie in the shelter when we picked her up. The picture on the right is Maggie in her new home, able to stand, walk, run, and play with Teddy.


Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Teddy

Teddy is a Schnauzer mix. He was a 5 month old puppy when MSCNC rescued him from the Orange County shelter in September 2007. Teddy had been hit by a car and had been in the shelter for about a month with an untreated broken leg. Teddy's spirit was indomitable, however. Hobbling around on 3 legs, he greeted us with a briskly wagging tail and then similarly greeted children, other dogs and cats who were nearby at the shelter. We had his broken leg surgically repaired. Joyce Nagel, who does Schnauzer rescue in southern California, nursed Teddy back to health, and placed him with an Orange County couple who, a month later, adopted Maggie as well. Needless to say, Teddy is even happier now that he can once again run and play using all 4 legs.

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