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CMSR's Annual Animal Statistics

CMSR is a no-Kill Rescue organization. CMSR has never euthanized any dogs for space. We have only euthanized one dog for temperament problems--and then only after he had bitten several times. We have also had to euthanize a handful of dogs over the years who proved to be terminally ill when we rescued them and several more whowe had placed in hospice foster homes. In those cases, we provided hospice type care as long as we were able to keep the dog comfortable with a reasonable quality of life.

We placed about 100 dogs in 2011, 156 dogs in 2012, 160 dogs in 2013, 110 dogs in 2014, and 95 dogs in 2015. In 2016, we joined the Shelter Animals Count program and began keeping the detailed statistics required by that program. (See table below with our statistics from the Shelter Animals Counts database.)

A major sponsor of Shelter Animals Count is Maddie's Fund. Maddie, for whom the Fund is named, was a Miniature Schnauzer.

Our rescue numbers have dropped in the past couple of years because we have been concentrating on the most difficult dogs, often listing ourselves as the last resort for dogs if and when shelters could no longer keep them. Those dogs require more medical treatment before they can be placed, and are harder to place than are young healthy dogs. We have also spent time, effort and funds on helping out of town rescue groups rescue dogs from southern California shelters. In that regard, we work regularly with groups in Washington State, Oregon, Arizon and Colorado. We often arrange for the pull of the dogs, sometimes transfer the dogs locally to kennels where the dogs are kept until transported to the other rescue group, and we sometimes pay for vetting of the dogs if our partner rescue does not have the needed funds.

Here are our placement statistics for the years 2016 through 2021:

Dog Intake and Outcomes








Relinquished by Owner 17 15 7 8 3 3
Transferred from shelter or other rescue 98 80 70 30 72 62
Adopted 60 52 29 23 26 10
Transferred to another rescue 65 51 57 15 50 65
Died in care 3 3 2 4 0 0

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