California Miniature
Schnauzer Rescue
—Adoption Application—No. Cal.

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Please copy the Adoption Application form below into an e-mail addressed to and to, complete the requested information, and then send the e-mail.

To copy the form, select the text, hit CTRL-C [Command-C on a Mac], then put cursor into the text window of a new e-mail message form and hit CTRL-V [Command-V on a Mac] to paste the form into the e-mail window.

Adoption Application

Today's Date: _____________________________________________


You and Your Family

Your Name: _______________________________________________

Your Occupation: __________________________________________

Spouse's Name: ___________________________________________

Spouse's Occupation: ______________________________________

Street Address: ___________________________________________

City, State & Zip Code: _____________________________________

E-Mail Address: ___________________________________________

Work Phone: _____________________________________________

Home Phone: _____________________________________________

Cell Phone: _______________________________________________

Do you have children? Yes __  No __

If so, number and ages: ____________________________________


Pet(s) You Wish To Adopt

Name(s): __________________________________________________________________________

Put me on the waiting list for available rescue dogs: Yes __ No __

Preferences (sex, age, activity level): ___________________________________________________

Who is the pet for? __________________________________________________________________

Are you looking for an inside pet or an outside pet? ______________________________________


Your Home

Do you live in a single family residence? ___ apartment? ___ town house? ___

Do you rent? Yes __ No __

If so, do you have your landlord's permission to have a pet? Yes __  No __

Are there any weight restrictions? Yes __  No __

What?  _______________________________________________________________________________

May we contact landlord to verify? Yes __  No __

Landlord name? _______________________________________________________________________

Landlord's phone number? ______________________________________________________________

Is your yard fenced? Yes __  No __

What type of fencing? ___________________________________________________________________

How high is the fencing? _________________________________________________________________

Are the gates secure and locked? Yes __  No __

Do you have a pool? Yes __  No __

Is the pool securely fenced off from yard? Yes __  No __


Living With a Pet

Where will the pet stay during the day? ______________________________________________________

Where will the pet stay at night? ____________________________________________________________

How many hours and where will the pet be exercised? _________________________________________


How many hours and where will the pet be left at home alone? __________________________________

Other Pets

Do you have other pets? Yes __  No __

Please describe your other pets. ____________________________________________________________

Are your current pets neutered? Yes __  No __

Have you ever surrendered a pet in the past? Yes __  No __

Why? ____________________________________________________________________________________

What happened to your prior pets? __________________________________________________________



Professional Help

Do you currently have a veterinarian? Yes __  No __

If so, who is it? ___________________________________________________________________________

Would you be willing to call in a trainer if a problem developed that you were unable to handle on your own? Yes __  No __

Who will take care of the dog when you travel? ________________________________________________


What would cause you to give up your pet and what would you then do with him/her? __________________________________________________________________________________________


Other information you deem pertinent to your application: ______________________________________



By submitting this application, I represent that the above information I have provided is accurate, and I agree to allow rescuers to verify this information.
I understand that you reserve the right to refuse adoption to any applicant.
This application will become part of the adoption contract.


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